You found the website I created to post my Race Reports.
Through the years I learned I love to write and I hope to use that to
give you a sense of the adventures I have in the pages following.







I enjoy writing everything from race reports to articles.


I do a lot of road races, but I most enjoy trail races. My first race was back in 2010 when I ran the local Redding Turkey Trot 6 miler. I now have competed in over a 100+ events (I’ve kept every race bib). Some were full of suffering and others amazing days.
gorge waterfalls 100k wyatt goshorn

Here are a few of my best results.

Hayden Lake Marathon, October 14th: 2nd place 3:02:43

Gorge Waterfalls 100k, April 8th 2017: 32nd place 12:03:32

Redding Marathon, January 15th 2017: 1st place 2:52:01

Pine to Palm 100 miler, September 10th 2016: 9th place 22:49:25

Silver State 50 miler, May 21st 2016: 8:14:50

Whiskeytown Waterfalls, 30k April 16th 2016: 1st place 3:17:35

Shasta Lemurian Classic, Short Course Champion 2013-2015

Whiskeytown Trail Runs, (First Trail Race) 30k Oct. 2011 1st place 2:41:12

Other fun things:

1. I love a lot of mint flavored things like mint chocolate, mint tea, mint Oreos. Peppermint candies are my secret weapon on the trail.

2. I also go for oranges as a consistent means of fueling. Slices at the aid stations, and orange juice in my fuel bottle over soda. I crave orange juice on my long runs.

3. I prefer running at 3 am in the morning than any other time except sunset and sunrise.

4. A hundred was a great challenge but I would like to try a multiday race someday.

5. I would watch an Ironman World Championship race the morning before my races. Now I love any Billy Yang Film.

6. I am drawn to the toughest trails and enjoy steep difficult downhills.

7. Running has been my only sport. Aside from a few small bike races and a few trips to go snowboarding.

8. My favorite book is “Life Without Limits” by Chrissie Wellington.