Hayden Lake Marathon: October 14th, 2017 (Result: 2nd 03:02:43)
This will be my first race back in the game after our move to the Pacific North West.

Chuckanut 50k: Mar 17, 2018 (Result: 45th 04:42:02)
I am very excited to run this race after a full winter of training. Not that I will be beating any elites, but you can bet I will be chasing them. It is also possible that my sister and brother will be running this race as well.

Priest Lake Trail Marathon: 
This Race is a tune-up for the big race in June- whichever it is.

Spartan Montana Beast race: (May 5th) (Result: finished without failing a single obstacle.) I joined a team to tackle this race. If nothing else I am sure to get in my Strength training. Our team is named “Rolling pandas.” and we are made up of some of the best runners in CDA. But none of us have done a Spartan before.

Big Horn 100 miler: (Result: 56 place, 29:03:50. 49% finish rate ) JUNE/15-16/18
This is the race I hope to do next summer as it would qualify me for both WSER and Hardrock 100. If I am honest, given the choice, I would run Hardrock over WSER.

Western States Endurance Run 100 miler:  JUNE/23/18
Well, I am in the lottery so I either don’t get drawn and run Bighorn or I do get drawn and I race with the best. Taking part in all the history that is deep in this race. (I did not get selected.)

Run The Rut 50k: SEPT/2/18
This event is just amazing! I love tough terrain and I will get a lot of it here.

Spokane Marathon: (Estimated Date) OCT/7/18
There is always the want to try to run another fast marathon.

Hayden Lake Marathon: (Estimated Date) October 13th, 2018 I decided this is a race that I want to try again. After all, it was so much fun the first time.

Run The Rock 50 Miler: Nov/10/18
There are some friends I would like to visit near here. And I really love the 50-mile distance.

A Look Into 2019

Unfinished business! And the dream of a golden ticket.

Pine to Palm 100 miler or Cascade Crest?