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This year was marked by a big journey. In the spring, directly after the Gorge Waterfalls 100k, I moved to CDA Idaho. Which was a much bigger process than I ever imagined? But I am finally here, settled and for those who don’t already know, I started a new job working at the local Fleet Fleet. It has been great and I am so excited for everything that has happened since Spring. However, one thing that has not happened since Spring is racing. I have all but stopped training for anything this summer for a few reasons.

First, I was injured. Not in a way that was serious; just an IT band issue. But it almost kept me from getting to the start line of the Gorge 100k as you can read in that race report. Right after the race wasn’t great. Not because it flared up as a result of the race, but because it didn’t have time to heal as I went right back to moving again. Second, I was spending many days 16 hours in a truck which was not helpful for it and then loading and unloading a lot of heavy stuff made it difficult to recover. (And little time to train anyways.)

Lake CDA fun.

So, once the move was finally over and the house was mostly complete, I was then able to focus on healing. It was good in the end as it gave my body a nice offseason. A chance to refocus and build strength and flexibility before I started training again. Then, I started joining the local running groups and finding new trails and new running partners. I signed up for a challenging marathon just to ignite that fire in me again as I head into a new season. I know I did pick some very competitive races for next year but I think I have what it takes to do well in them. I am going to apply for the WSER lottery again. To be honest, though, I would rather run the Big Horn 100 Miler this year and get another WSER qualifier and a Hardrock qualifier.

Scotchman peak

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Wednesday morning group run.


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