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Should I even attempt this totally random attempt at inspiration?

After all, I am not the most disciplined person, my running at this point might as well be attributed to the work I put in a while ago. My writing always needs editing and I can’t type. But despite all that and more, I want to share My Words with you. Stop me if you heard this before but there are two kinds of people- those who say “I can’t” and those who say “I can.”

Most of you who read this already know I run 100 milers. But few know why. There are even days I don’t know why, or why I should do another. On days when I am in a funk, I debate whether I was meant to be doing what I do or not. But as I have learned this is just my mind limiting me. Let me take you to a simple moment: I was joining a group ride where everyone else had their light and fast road or tri bikes. And there I was riding my mountain bike. But when the ride started, I was no longer the odd one out. I kept up with the group and held on to there tails. The group split up a bit; I was pushing hard to stay in contact but I was doing good. A few miles from the end of the ride, I was passed by a friend riding hard on his triathlon bike.  I was already burnt out from my efforts, so I was content to let him go. But then I rebelled against my sense and let my competitive edge take over. In the second that I took to shift into the last hard gear, I had I said to myself “Why not!” and I pushed as hard as I could and started to gain on him. It didn’t last long but it was able to push myself deeper than I had in a while. It renewed faith that anything is possible

I feel like in a moment when things go bad or just nothing special and you spot an opportunity to go above and beyond, Don’t hesitate, Take it! Even if you don’t see a reason, it matters. In an effort to succeed in my training, I like to wake up before I go to work. Which meant for the run I had planned one day, I had to start running around 3 in the morning. I don’t do this to often but this is how I discovered how magical the morning can really be. So next time I feel discouraged, I will always listen to my instincts. the ones that whisper in the face of impossibility “Why Not?”

Vision! I know I said this before but when we are in tune with our passion we often get glimpses of all we can become chasing our dreams. the afore described moment was one of those times. Your mind will always slow you down and show you all the reasons you can’t succeed. Any dream worth chasing has its risks or chances whether we decide to take them or not. True that there are a lot of risks that shouldn’t be taken but that is what separates them from chances. When you see them, take them, but never wait for them. The best opportunities are the ones you make for yourself by your hard work, not by a gift or talent. Those who wait for their golden opportunities to fall in there lap are the ones who go nowhere. Be the one who moves.

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.Vince Lombardi

I realize this is not a great article but I will only get better by trying so here it is and here is your closing quote. I hope when you see your next chance, I have encouraged you to say to yourself “TAKE IT!

  “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”  Aristotle.


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